Read below to hear what some of Steve’s clients are saying.

“I am surprised how easy the transition has been. I thought getting our finances in order would mean counting the pennies, uncomfortably tightening our belts and possibly moving from our house. Instead, the process was gradual and provided a clear plan that is easy to follow. There are some bumps for my husband and I to smooth out but we now have a framework to work within that keeps our discussions civil! It is encouraging to see the progress we’ve made in just a couple of months!

Thank you for your kindness and gentleness in the process. You manage to discuss our different attitudes objectively, without judgement. I felt that you tried to understand our perspectives, as wayward as we were.”
~ Nancy C, Burlington, ON

“In the beginning of working with Steve, I found myself a bit hesitant to tackle the subject and reality of money management. My fear was twofold. First, that I would have to make a budget and live by it and thus feel constricted in my life and with my money. And second, that there really wasn’t a system that existed and I would consistently use to change how I related to money both in mindsets and in practice.

Both of these trepidations proved to be unfounded. I was not given a budget to live on or even expected to create one for myself. Instead we worked together to create a viable picture of what my actual living expenses are, what were other expenditures I wanted (trips, gifts, renovations, etc.), and I was not told, nor felt, that I didn’t have enough to live on or do what I wanted. Thus I experienced, and still do, a sense of freedom with my money, expenses, and life in general. I also have found that the system Steve works with is easy to maintain and use each month. I wanted things to be easy and it definitely is. I found myself doing the system before I even knew it! And part of this was due to the gentle way Steve eased me into the system.

I now feel more confident and comfortable with my financial situation. When I get a twinge of panic – do I have enough money, can I really buy or do that; I hear Steve’s voice asking simple and clear questions that are now part of my internal structure. I know that “every dollar needs a home”. That I don’t need to do this perfectly. That it is my system, so I can modify it as I wish. And that I have enough. What I have found is less stress around paying bills and making decisions. That I have savings for those upcoming things I wasn’t sure how to pay for (children’s weddings, new furniture, donations, repairs, etc.).

Steve is great listening and capturing what I say and referring back to what I wanted in relation to money, what my concerns are, and how I want to live my life to in alignment with my values. His powerful questions allowed me to let go of many beliefs that don’t serve me now, if they ever really did. And to create new ones. I really feel that money doesn’t rule my life, that instead it is something that just provides for what I want in my life. The emotional charge is pretty much gone! I also realized that while I wanted to relate and handle money differently, I had no idea how to do this until working with Steve. And his continued availability and support provides a net for me to really gain trust in my ability to handle money in the way that mirrors my values.”
~ Susie S, Birmingham Alabama

“As a recent divorcee seeking to start over and re-define my money life through personal money coaching, I not only found simple financial strategies but amazingly I found clear side by side coaching. The approaches that I received not only gave me life-changing methods to sustain and grow savings but I am now on the path towards enjoying life free from financial worries which have led me on an adventure of cultivating a life vision for my money life. My ideas towards finances have been re-defined and better yet transformed. If you find yourself in need of personal money coaching that promotes money clarity, give the Personal Money Coach a chance and watch your money life move beyond starting over towards starting up!”
~ S Green, Birmingham Alabama

“My admiration for the skill and wisdom of Steve Demaray as a Money Coach is boundless.

The sudden death of my husband left me with the pain and turmoil of loss, and also with immediate domestic financial issues. Forty three years of marriage to a man who enjoyed taking care of our money, combined with my total lack of interest in the subject rendered me incapable of dealing with the many money decisions that needed to be made in the first months after his death.

Our long time investment advisor suggested that Steve could help me with the urgent issues of cash flow as well as longer term money management. She was absolutely right.

Steve’s initial visit to me showed his compassion and courtesy. He was respectful and careful in his choice of words and his choice of subject matter to begin our work together. Steve began the process of my financial education slowly and in an orderly, sensible way. He told me only what I needed to know at the start, and only what he could see I was able to absorb. All the tasks were based on the need for me to know what my expenses and income were likely to be.

At every step, Steve was helpful, supportive and positive in his comments about the work I was doing. He made sure I was ready before introducing each new phase of learning. Once or twice in the time we worked together, I was not able to focus well enough to complete the next task. Steve was patient and sympathetic each time, and waited for my signal to indicate I had collected my wits enough to continue. Gaining insight is simple, especially with Steve’s style of judging what a client needs and presenting only that which is essential and comprehensible at the moment.

Now, with Steve’s guidance, patience and sense of humour, I know exactly what my expenses and income are. I am confident at all times about where my money is, and whether or not today is a good day to spend $187 on books. Now, I always feel I can make a good decision about daily money management as well as longer term plans, and that I am prepared to be flexible in my handling of unexpected expenses.

Steve’s knowledge of money management, understanding and interest in the individual needs of clients, his clear and orderly articulation of the issues and processes of financial imperatives, and his commitment to providing the best advice for each client put him in a uniquely valuable position to support and guide those of us who need help with our own money.

I am thankful beyond measure for all Steve has done to lead me from total ignorance about my financial situation to a state of feeling confident and aware of my own ability to manage my money.”
~ Cheryl W, Cambridge ON

“He urged us to take an honest look at where our money was going. He also asked us to really think about what things were important to us and what things were not. Once we started to do this, it became clear that there were lots of ways for us to trim expenses without giving up the things we really enjoy.”
~ Fred B, Kitchener ON

“Steve’s holistic approach allowed us to really put our financial lives in their proper context. For example, we realized that we have the option to reallocate financial investments into other assets (our dream home, for example) without risking our future security.”
~ D.B. & C.M., Waterloo ON

“My dealings with Steve Demaray have been totally rewarding. As well as being entirely professional he was extremely helpful, diligent and supportive. I sincerely appreciate his advice and direction and do not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone seeking guidance in this area.”
~ Lenore P, Hamilton ON

Stephen Demaray’s guidance throughout this process was immensely valuable. He listened to us, asked the right questions, and helped us to choose our financial priorities and to communicate them to each other.

Thanks to Steve we’re much more optimistic about our future financial goals and commitments.”
~ J
G and M.S., Toronto ON

“As a self-employed person I sometimes have money and sometimes don’t, but I have never understood much about it. Steve’s program has changed that. It is easy to learn. For the first time in my adult life my money is organized so I can really understand my position. My spending is orderly and appropriate. I am reducing debt and building savings. I have stopped worrying about money and my confidence in managing it is growing. I have found Steve to be an insightful and caring coach who is sincere in his commitment to this process and his clients. Working with this program has changed my life for the better.”
~ T.B., Toronto ON