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Think of the Money Clarity Program as a small investment in yourself that will yield dividends far into the future. The program’s cost will be returned to you many times over in the form of savings gained and goals obtained. If you’re not convinced, read the case study (Link to case study) to see how one family more than recovered their program fees in the first month after completing the program!

The Money Clarity System

The Money Clarity System is a proprietary learning and coaching process that includes the Money Clarity app. The Money Clarity app is unique because:

  • No sensitive personal information for example passwords, are involved
  • Inputs are quick and easy to make
  • Output is simple and understandable
  • Powerful insights are gained immediately
  • Focus is on goal attainment
  • Output leads to improved ability to make financial decisions

Through the Money Clarity System, we:

  • Review your financial facts
  • Establish your financial priorities
  • Set up your online Money Clarity Account
  • Build your spending plan and then adjust as needed

Coaching you through the process:

One-on-one money coaching is what makes the difference! The reason most people fail when trying to tackle money control is that for whatever reason, they give up. Coaching improves the chances of making your progress permanent. After completing the Money Clarity System, you will…

  • See savings increase and debts reduce
  • Know exactly where your money goes
  • Start to fulfill your most important financial goals
  • Automate your goal attainment
  • Have a framework for evaluating new financial commitments
  • Gain security, confidence and satisfaction with your money life
  • Be perfectly positioned to start planning for long term financial freedom
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For more details, check out the Money Coaching Q&A.