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What is Money Coaching?
Money coaching is at the leading edge of personal finances. Only a handful of dedicated money coaches can be found in Canada today, in part because of the unique skills set it requires. A money coach must possess the expert analytical ability of a financial planner in combination with the intuitive skills of a life coach. Learn more about Steve’s money coaching qualifications here.

Money Coaching is...

  • About developing the ability to keep yourself on the money track that suits you best through our coaching conversations, exercises, tools and techniques, reflection, powerful questioning and inquiry.
  • About becoming more self-aware, exploring different choices and possibilities available to you, building your money confidence, consciousness and skills.

What Money Coaching is not...

  • Involved with buying financial products. For better or worse, the financial services industry is built around the sale of products. Money Coaching involves acquiring know-how, not products.
  • Being plied with financial information. Information alone does not solve problems, people solve problems.

Why should I spend money on a program? What's in it for me?

You spend money on a program because you are tired of being stuck. Whatever you’ve tried to this point hasn’t worked. You have goals and dreams that aren’t being achieved. You are starting to realize that something has to change. You’ve had enough. Enough stress, disappointment, frustration and guilt. Costs should always be considered in relation to value. When people understand the cost of staying stuck they see great value in paying to get unstuck.

What kind of people does Steve work with?

Steve’s clients are positive, proactive and future-focused. They take an interest in improving their lives. They have learned that being intelligent, successful and action oriented doesn’t always translate into a satisfying money life. They see their work with Steve as an investment, not a cost. They deeply value what we can achieve, which typically translates into greater financial abundance.

Tell me more about the kind of results can I expect?

It depends on the goals we set, but typically clients achieve the following:

  1. Designing a spending plan that clarifies, informs, motivates, and inspires
  2. Reducing or eliminating financial and emotional money drains
  3. Clarifying how you think about your money
  4. Knowing how much you spend , save and invest every month at a glance
  5. Having an easy way to evaluate financial decisions before acting
  6. Making consistent, visible progress towards wealth building
  7. Developing a more positive, guilt and stress free relationship with money

Couldn't I do this by myself?

Yes, possibly. Most of the people have tried going it alone and eventually get frustrated and gave up. The challenge usually revolves around sticking to new behaviours. Many solutions in the marketplace require having to continuously track spending. This approach seems to fail eventually for two reasons (i) it gets boring quickly and (ii) in and of itself, it doesn’t change how people think and act about money.

How does Steve’s program work?

The programs are grounded in a basic assumption; a satisfying and effective money life starts by taking control of your cash flow. Controlling your cash opens up opportunities in the present and allows you to build the future you desire. Steve will:

  • Challenge you to think in new ways
  • Encourage you to try new approaches
  • Hold you accountable to do what you say you will do

Does the system involve use of a budget?

No. Steve views budgets like diets, in the long run they fail, creating guilt and frustration in the process. Instead he uses enjoyable exercises, teaching and coaching techniques combined with online tools and simple cash management guidelines. Together he refers to this as the Money Clarity System. The simplicity of this system is key to success because complicated approaches lead to burnout and eventual failure.

Is tele-coaching available?

Yes, because meeting face-to- face is not always feasible.

Tele-Coaching is proven effective. According to the International Coach Federation’s 2008 Global Coaching Study, more than 40-percent of coaches worldwide work with their clients by phone, rather than face-to-face. In North America, more than half of all coaches work primarily over the phone. Here are some of the benefits of tele-coaching:

  • No distractions by physical actions of each other. Our time together can be focused entirely on you and on what needs to be achieved
  • It is very convenient and relaxing. Coaching sessions can occur from any location. You will be able to select a quiet, private and relaxed place for your coaching sessions
  • The private and secure place you choose will assure complete confidentiality. No one will know who you are talking to, or what you are talking about
  • You can set your appointment quickly, at any time and from everywhere. If your work demands irregular schedules or working from remote locations, tele-coaching permits regular and continuing progress
  • Sessions can take place via Skype, with or without the visual aspect of the webcam, or the telephone — it is your choice

How much does it cost?

You pay as you go and can stop at any time. My hourly rate is $125.00 My typical engagements range from 6 to 12 hours.

How can you make my decision to get started easier?

Here’s how:

  1. You are entitled to a 30-minute, discovery conversation at no cost or obligation
  2. You will be given ample opportunity to discuss your questions, concerns, fears and reservations
  3. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: I provide a 100%, money-back, satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with any particular session, let me know immediately following the session and you will immediately receive a refund

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