About Steve

Steve has spent 30 years in the financial services industry including a Vice Presidency of a Canadian bank and involvement with life insurance, wealth management and real estate organizations. Through all this he learned that the industry is geared primarily to selling products such as mutual funds, insurance policies, residential mortgages, consumer loans, etc.

While these products may be helpful, they don’t seem to be enough. Proof of this can be found in the statistics that reveal a vast and growing population of over-indebted and money challenged individuals and families. Steve came to the conclusion that the financial services industry that employed him had failed the consumers it served. It lacked a way to help people acquire basic money know-how like managing cash flow so in 2002 with bright prospects still ahead, he walked away from corporate employment.

Steve experienced a new personal vision wherein he saw himself dedicated to making a positive difference in people’s money lives.

Several years later, working as a financial planner, Steve identified a common theme among his clients; people had great difficulty in initiating and sticking with actions recommended in their financial plans. He saw that people were often overwhelmed with the jargon, complexity and vastness of personal finance. Clearly, to make permanent changes in their financial lives, they were going to need help; a type of help that most financial planners are not trained to provide.

In order to achieve successful results with his clients, Steve knew he needed to become much more skilled at aiding personal growth and development. This led him to complete the following coach training which facilitated his transition to money coaching under his brand, Personal Money Coach.

  • Fundamentals of Financial Life Planning (Money Quotient – 2010)
  • Simplicity and Success – Creating What Matters Most (Bruce Elkin – 2012)
  • Life Coach Foundational Course (Institute for Life Coach Training – 2013)

Today, through a supportive and engaging approach Steve helps inspire people to make positive change in their money lives by drawing on the empowerment of human growth and change techniques employed in life coaching. This system has been proven a success, click here to hear what Steve’s clients have to say.

In addition to being an advocate for money clarity, Steve is a writer, speaker and faculty member of the Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT) where he created and teaches the Money Coaching program.

Note: The four squares in the Personal Money Coach logo represent what Steve terms the “Four Building Blocks” of money clarity, namely: Vision, Engagement, Structure and Simplicity. This brand is the property of Steve Demaray for his exclusive use only.

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